With a wide Variety of LED Bulbs alternative to the old sort, it is not so simple just to "buy a light bulb".

Please find below some usful links, to help understand in better depth what you need.

Warm White or Cool White? | Integral LED (integral-led.com)

What are Lumens? | Integral LED (integral-led.com)

Dimmable and Non-Dimmable LED lamps | Integral LED (integral-led.com)

LED - What are the differences? | Integral LED (integral-led.com)
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  1. G4 LED 1.5W AC/DC 2700K
    Out of stock
  2. G4 LED 1.5W AC/DC 4000K
    Out of stock
  3. 230V G9 3W LED Lamp 2700K
    Out of stock
  4. 230V G9 3W LED Lamp 4000K
    Out of stock
  5. Globe 1lt Accessory
    Out of stock
  6. 230V 5W GU10 LED 4000K
    Out of stock
  7. 230V 5W GU10 LED  3000K
    Out of stock
  8. 18W BLD - 4 Pin, 4000K 18W BLD - 4 Pin, 4000K
    Out of stock